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Oscar Pictures

Wes and Owen didn't win a golden guy at the 74th Oscars ceremony, but the pictures taken there were amazing. So click onto this collection of snap shots taken on the red carpet. Please relish the red tie and black velvet suit Wes is wearing.


Thank you for visiting Wes Anderson - unofficial site

Let me introduce myself, I’m Karen Divorty - the creator of this site. I invite any interested parties to join in by submitting content. Unfortunately there is not a wealth of information on Wes and that is the reason why I started this site in the first place. There needs to be a platform for someone like him because I’m sure someday, he will be something like “The Next Scorsese”, but Wes Anderson. The montage sequence in the Royal Tenenbaums with Royal, Ari and Uzi set to the music of Me and Julio in the Schoolyard, is probably one of my favorite movie moments in recent years. I think because of its smooth nature, and because it is a perfect clip from a Wes Anderson film. If you have any questions or comments, or just want to say hello please e-mail me. Thank you very much for visiting, the first unofficial Wes Anderson site on the web.


Bottle Rocket Short

The Yankee Racers

Looking for a place to talk about Wes? Then join the Yankee Racers hosted at ezboards.

The Yankee Racers

Before there was Bottle Rocket the feature film, directed by Wes Anderson, there was a short film that premiere at Sundance in 1994. Please check out the short that is inspired it all, it running time is 15 minutes in Real Video - linked from the Wilson Brothers Website.


Re-design launched!

My goal at wes anderson - unofficial site, is to always make it better and more creative. I want this site to be a reflection of the imaginative and brilliant efforts that Wes has provided on screen. So, I have improved the video, radio and links section. With my little search engine that could I have discovered lots of content for you to enjoy. So please be sure to explore. If there is any content that you would like to contribute please e-mail me. I would like to hear from Wes fans, so please don't be shy.

Sparkling new pictures!!!

I have totally redesigned the pictures section, with some killer graphics to make easy for you to find the Wes picture your looking for. I have included some brand new pictures in Wes, Berlin Film Festival, Iron Monkey Premiere, Misc & The Royal Tenenbaum Premiere sections.

Sound off

I'm developing a section on this site known as sound off. It is for Wes fan's to discuss their simple or complex thoughts on his filmmaking. You can submit any freestyle writing (barring any profanity) & art work. Send any contributions to


A Work in Progress pictures

On April 11, Wes attended A Work in Progress: An Evening with David O. Russell. Take a look at the pictures snapped at this event.


wes mural

To launch the sound off section, I have included a wes mural that I made. So click onto the sound off section to see it. Later, I hope to include freestyle writing as well, including movie reviews and articles on wes written by wes fans. To make it clear you can submit to sound off by e-mailing me. There seems to be some confusion on what this section actually is, its like a formal verison of blogger.

Con't - what's new?

A Work in Progress: An Evening with David O. Russell
Wes Anderson - unofficial site snapshot!
Bottle Rocket Info
The Royal Tenenbaums Script

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Webmasters Make $$$
Rushmore Script


Support this site.

To keep wes anderson - unofficial site up and running I need your support. Visit the guestbook and say hello. Please click on the starting point - hot site (to vote for us), the fan sites, movie & artistic websites webring(on the index page) icons and the banner ads on this page. If you would like to link us up, please visit the links section and copy a banner to display on your site. Thank you.

Hidden Links Revealed!

There is lots of stuff to see at wesanderson - unofficial site, so let your mouse explore. For example if you click over the blue hazy picture of Wes at the top of this page, you will find Wes's Bio. The black and white picture of Wes next to a camera will take you to his filmography. If you click on the poster and scripts lined on the left side of this page you will find even more information.

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