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wes anderson untitled project #4

Written and Directed by Wes Anderson, oh my?

Wes's next project won't be hitting theaters anytime soon. No script has been written yet, since it is well know that Wes is a slow writer. In an interview with Elvis Mitchell in 1999, he mentioned the idea for his next time, a story about "a family of genius" and that they would be shooting it by the beginning of 2000. So lets cross our fingers that his next film that has been said to be "a little bit on the huge side" will go into production soon. It is known that this will be his first project written and directed by Wes Anderson, - a "super secret" adventure film set in France and Mexico with a ocean and a boat as a backdrop. Owen Wilson and Jason Schartzman are rumoured to be attached.


Ain't it cool News - What's new for Wes Anderson? (/20/01/02) - Wes Anderson: Hollywood's new king of comedy (08/02/02)

Random Quotes

"I have an idea for something but it's not written. We're very slow writers. It's set in Europe and in Mexico and it's kind of an adventure," he said. "There won't be a first draft for six to eight months... the idea is a little bit on the huge side." - Wes Anderson (@ the Berlin Film Festival; 13/02/02).

He "has already begun work on his new film, set in France and Mexico." Owen "will be putting his acting skills to use in Anderson's next project," but "this time, [Wes will] be flying solo." - From an interview with Wes Anderson - (10/02/02;The Independent).

"Yeah. We're doing another thing." Can't talk about it, but it's later on down the line." - Jason Schwartzman in repsonse to -"You guys [Jason and Wes] are planning to work together again?" (29/01/02;CHUD)

'It's just the way the stories come,' he demurs. 'My next one isn't written yet, but the idea is a little bit on the huge side. I suppose it will create problems on a scale that I've never even imagined.'" - Wes Anderson on the fact that he doesn't set out to make each of his films substantially more ambitious than the last (01/02; American Cinematographer).

"No, we're not working on anything now. We have some ideas for like a western and then yeah, a story with the ocean as the backdrop." - Owen Wilson in response to "Are you and Wes writing something right now?" (21/11/01; Dark Horizons ).

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