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Wes and Owen @ the Berlin Film Festival

Wes and Owen attended the Berlin Film Festival to support their film - The Royal Tenenbaums.

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Wes Anderson untitled project #4 ?

I'm hoping that inspiration will strike fast and Wes will bring us, yet again something amazing to watch. Below is an except from an article by movie fanatic Harry Knowles of Ain't That Cool News - " What's Next for Wes Anderson? Hey folks, Harry here... This report pinches the nipples and blows in the ears, but doesn't finish ya off... it is a tease, an appetizer and a promisory note of a cool thing of the future. I suppose that'll have to be enough for now. File this one away, and we'll begin our file on Untitled Wes Anderson Project 4.... Here ya go...." To read the full Article, click here. FYI - I will now be logging all future info, fan blurbs, random quotes & articles under the ? Wes Anderson untitled project #4" poster on the left side of this page.


Oscar Nod!

Wes and Owen got their first Oscar Nomination for Best Original Screenplay for The Royal Tenenbaums. Congratulations!

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The Royal Tenenbaums DVD release date

If you've seen the Royal Tenenbaums more than 3 times (like myself for instance), I am sure you can't wait for the release of the DVD. Buena Vista has tenentatively set the release date for June 18, 2002. During the films release at the New York Film Festival, Wes did mention that there would be a "Criterion Collection" edition DVD released with cover art by his brother, Eric. Since I don't believe that the Criterion Collection is released by Buena Vista, and unless you want to buy two DVD's, I suggest you wait on buying it.

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