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What's next for Wes Anderson?

Hey folks, Harry here... This report pinches the nipples and blows in the ears, but doesn't finish ya off... it is a tease, an appetizer and a promisory note of a cool thing of the future. I suppose that'll have to be enough for now. File this one away, and we'll begin our file on Untitled Wes Anderson Project 4.... Here ya go....Wes Anderson was in London over the weekend wrapping up his European publicity tour for The Royal Tenenbaums. Last night he appeared at the Screen on the Green in Islington - a neat, slightly rumpled old cinema which could almost be a private cinema in the basement of the Tenenbaum house - for a half-hour Q&A following a preview screening of the film. He must have been on the road for about three weeks, and the poor guy looked a little drawn and talked-out, but he still managed to be a witty, self-deprecating and disarming presence. Along the way he let slip a couple of things about his next project which don't amount to much but - if you're a Wes fan - tickle the taste buds just a touch.

First up he was asked bluntly what he'd be doing next, with Anderson replying that it would be 'an adventure story set in France and Mexico'.Secondly - and with reference to a previous comment he made about how he wanted to be a bit freer with the camera in the future and how he hoped to make his films 'looser and more Altman-like' - he expressed concern about giving too much away before going on to say that, while he may want the next film to be looser, 'it's going to be difficult given that the whole thing will be set on board a boat'. So, to sum up, we have an adventure story, we have France, we have Mexico and we have a boat. I know that it's not exactly 'Shelob won't be in The Two Towers' or anything, but it's all I've got for you! Well I'm excited!!!!

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